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Mapleton General Plan Land Use and Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Elements Update

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Mapleton City has experienced unprecedented growth and change in recent years, and while the General Plan has been carefully followed as growth has unfolded, several challenges to specific proposals have arisen, calling into question the current land use vision expressed in the General Plan. Concurrent with such challenges, there is a need to re-visit planning related to the provision of park, recreation, open space and trail systems. The City has hired an outside consultant, Landmark Design, to develop an Updated General Plan.

The plan will establish a vision for the City that balances current and future needs and desires, ensuring that the City develops in a manner that meets existing needs while maximizing unique opportunities and likely changes. It will focus on updating the Land Use Element, incorporating ideas related to urban design, environmental conditions, and park/recreation/open space and trail needs, and will be aligned with established policies related to road and transportation systems.

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