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Project: Smith Fields Park Splash Pad

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Client: Draper City

Location: Draper, Utah

Year: 2018

It was great working with Landmark Design on the design and development the Smith Fields Splash Pad Park. We were able to create a splash pad that reflects the surrounding environment, including taking advantage of the backdrop views of Corner Canyon and Lone Peak. The park will be serve as a popular summer community gathering center for years to come.

Brad Jensen
Draper City Project Manager

Landmark Design led a team of water design specialists, engineers and an architect in the design and implementation of a n engaging and long-awaited splash park in Draper City. Located on a three-acre portion of an existing community park, the splash park takes advantage of spectacular backdrop views of Traverse Mountain and the greater Wasatch Mountain range to the east. The design captures the excitement and sense of adventure found in the natural creeks and streams that wind down through the unforgiving mountain canyons, with rock outcrops and tumbles, waterfalls and undulating streams and eddies defining the water elements of the park.  This is a stylized place where children of all ages can explore, play and interact with water.

In addition to the interactive water features and elements, the project includes an entry plaza, parking areas, custom-designed restroom and mechanical buildings, picnic shelters and a grassy hill to view and enjoy the blur of play and exploration below. Six large and colorful shade umbrellas are provided throughout the site, providing respite from hot summer sun not only on the edges of play, but within the water circuits themselves, allowing users to move in and out of the heat at will. The restrooms were designed in cabana-style, with benches and seating areas incorporated into the architecture, reinforcing the fact that this is a water-focused destination.   

Landmark Design led design efforts from concept through design development, construction documentation, bidding and construction administration phases. Numerous alternatives were explored in the early phase, with the intent of matching the design and aesthetics with the budgetary requirements of the project. In order to meet this goal, Landmark Design developed cost analyses from the earliest stages, which were analyzed, shared and adjusted throughout the process. The Splash Pad opened in Summer 2018.

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