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Project: Tooele County Regional Plan Update

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Client: Tooele County

Location: Tooele County, Utah

Year: 2016

As a lifelong Tooele County resident, I was happy to have the opportunity to shape the future of the County through a structured planning process. Landmark Design did a good job of designing and guiding a process that was responsive to and reflective of the public’s interests. They brought a new perspective to the process that yielded a plan to guide the inevitable development that is coming our way. The Vision allows for growth while maintaining vital aspects of the County that make it a place I and others like to live. 

Justin Smart
County Resident

Tooele County hired Landmark Design to update its General Plan, which is the first update of the plan since 2008.  Tooele County adopted its previous general plan in November 1995, and although several updates were made in the ensuing years, it required a major update to meet current growth needs and objectives. These including fiscal and environmental sustainability, economic development, establishing new priorities, meeting the needs of changing demographics, and updating the general plan format. A comprehensive planning approach was applied, addressing the broad range of concerns and desires of the County while specifically focusing on the rapidly‐changing Tooele Valley. The updated plan addresses other issues as well, such as quality of life issues, livability, urban design, and infrastructure needs.

A thorough public involvement process was utilized to capture the pulse of the community. The process incorporated multiple opportunities to provide comments, identify issues and provide feedback throughout the planning process. A Steering Committee was established during the early stages of the project to review progress and to provide guidance as the plan was formulated. Members of the committee included County staff and administration, representatives of Tooele and Grantsville cities, members of the Tooele County Planning Commission, local land owners, real estate and economic development experts, other local and regional agencies, civic and business leaders and interested citizens.

The plan focused on the Tooele Valley, where most of the growth has occurred during the past 10 years and which continues to be the center of growth pressure. In addition to addressing land use and housing, this process was developed in tandem with the Tooele County Transportation Plan, which was led by Tim Sullivan of Parametrix.

The updated plan is hinged around a series of principles for future development, as follows:

  • Create density and intensity near cities, services and gathering places, including schools and centers.
  • Use flexible and creative planning to achieve better neighborhood growth and development.
  • Develop Tooele County into a self-sufficient region that includes adequate employment and service opportunities.
  • Preserve public lands, historic sites, cultural landscapes and scenic resources as part of a comprehensive planning approach.

The four principles were established by an Advisory Committee of citizens and stakeholders, and verified through a public workshop/charette. These were then developed into a series of Land Use Options, which were eventually honed into a Preferred Land Use Plan for the County.

In addition to focusing on Land Use, a Moderate Income Housing Element and Demographic Profile were developed, and a series of detailed place-making concepts developed to help create a series of pedestrian-friendly nodes in the future. The plan was completed through a collaborative effort with our Tooele County partners and team of subconsultants in January 2016.

Final Document: Tooele County General Plan Update 2016


Utah Chapter American Planning Association
Award of Merit (2016)

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