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Project: City of North Salt Lake Town Center Master Plan

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Landmark Design led a multi-disciplinary team of transportation planners and architects in the development of a visionary plan for North Salt Lake Town Center that stitches together three distinct neighborhoods to form a unified place. The plan includes a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as a primary feature of US-89, in addition to a range of complementary commercial and residential uses, all served by  a wide range of sidewalks, pathways and routes that support a multi-modal vision and create a  pedestrian and bicycle friendly center.

The plan builds upon the existing sense of place and the unique features that both define and surround the area, creating a place that is genuine and true to the roots of the community. The plan distinguishes the Town Center from nearby destinations in adjacent communities  through great design, multi-modal streets, bicycle and pedestrian enhancements, the establishment of compatible land uses that allow housing and commercial uses to operate together, and physical improvements that transform the area into a walkable, mixed-use gathering place with unique streets accommodating multiple modes of travel. The plan establishes a clear conceptual basis for guiding future development, visionary sustainability goals, and robust and graphically-rich design guidelines and implementation tools.

Final Document: North Salt Lake Town Center Master Plan

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