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Project: Park City Walkability and Bikeability Master Plan

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Landmark Design led a multi-disciplinary team in a study that assessed the “walkability” and “bikeability” of Park City, resulting in prioritized planning and design suggestions to make the city a better place for pedestrians and cyclists. An extensive public involvement process was at the heart of the project, utilizing a telephone survey, community workshops, special outreach to the Spanish-speaking community, and focus meetings with students, adults and other stakeholder groups. The project was advised by a Steering Committee composed of city staff, residents and others, and advised by the local Share the Road Committee.

The result is a comprehensive system of improvement projects that are easily-achievable as well as potential solutions that are more extensive and require significant funding to achieve. The plan was adopted by the Park City Council in Spring 2007.

Later that spring, residents bought into the more extensive “livable community” concept when they approved a $15 million bond issue to fund a series of walkability projects. Liza Simpson, a member of the City Council at the time noted that “it’s about making it easier for people to make the choice of a mode of transport that is healthier for the community and themselves.” Dozens of improvements have since been implemented as a result of the study, filling the missing gaps and creating a better city for walkers and bikers in the process.

Final Document: Park City Walkability and Bikeability Master Plan


Utah Chapter ASLA
Award of Excellence (2009)

Utah Chapter American Planning Association
Award of Merit (2007)

Photo taken by Ken Lund on Flickr

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