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Project: Utah State University Caine College of the Fine Arts Courtyard Renovation

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Landscape Design

Landmark Design worked with Sparano + Mooney  Architecture to create a renovated courtyard and related exterior spaces as part of a comprehensive renovation of the Caine College of Fine Arts venues. In addition to a centerpiece courtyard, the project also includes enhancements to exterior plazas and walkways, which were knitted together to create an integrated complex of performing arts venues, galleries and practice facilities.

Work began with a programming document that addressed landscape sustainability ideas and programming-level guidelines and design concepts that address the unique needs, uses and attributes of the facility as part of creating a sustainable and regionally-appropriate complex. The program also addressed applicable ordinances and code requirements, site design ideas and visions, and appropriate materials and detail considerations necessary for creating an integrated arts center.

The resulting courtyard, plaza and related pathways and corridors were designed to maximize informal space for student circulation and collaboration while providing clear and welcoming circulation, wayfinding and place-making cues for patrons and visitors. Extensive studies were required to determine the feasibility of retaining existing trees and to overcoming significant topographic challenges in the courtyard. The result is a unified and flexible courtyard that provides opportunities to meet, learn, perform and pass through the space, depending on the particular needs of multiple user groups. The careful application of  timeless materials such as brick, concrete and crushed stone merge the diverse facades and architectural treatments within a simple yet classic landscape design.

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