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Project: Wayfinding & Interpretive Signs

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Landmark Design has extensive experience creating unified wayfinding plans for multi-jurisdictional projects, including several in Utah. We have worked alongside graphic designers and interpretive writers to develop wayfinding, regulatory, trailhead, directional, and educational signage for communities locally and nationally. Recent examples include the Salt Lake City Park and Open Space Trail Signage Guidelines and Phase One Implementation project; the Logan Wayfinding System Master Plan; and the Taylorsville Signage Master Plan, which are presented in their entirety in the Appendix. As described below, each of these projects included the development of a wayfinding/signage master plan and corresponding design documents to facilitate phased development.

Wayfinding & Interpretive Signage Plans

Sample Plans
Logan Wayfinding System
Scenic Byway 12 Monument Schematic Design 

Project type:
  • planning

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